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If you are looking for anal sex with a grannie then there really is no better place to find it then on granny dating Australia. This mature sex dating site really put having sex with older women on the map. Before the existence of grannydatingaus there was no online website that catered for men looking to have sex with a mature lady, and in the same way there was nowhere a granny slapper could find a root with a younger horny buck. Thankfully times have changed and our small site grew into the leading Australian site in providing grannie dates to the masses. Its popularity is the result of a multitude of factors, but we believe it’s mainly down to a core 3 elements that we strive to excel in.

Amount of members

To reach the title of most popular and biggest granny website in Australia takes some doing, and it wouldn’t have happened without all the members that have joined us over the last 8 years. Except this website didn’t just start out with millions of members – oh no. We had to grow bigger and better, and we did that by marketing our site and service to the right people in the right areas. We made sure to only target quality individuals who were going to have genuine intentions of using this site for its purpose of providing mature anal sex. This was accomplished by spending a lot of money on advertising networks and offline marketing, to spread the word and get the ball rolling on this incredibly unique and exciting dating opportunity.

Features & Tools

Once we started seeing new members coming through the door we quickly realised that the tools and features they could access would greatly improve their online dating experience. We also wanted them to reflect the granny sex service we were providing, by making everything easy and fun to use. Here is a list of some of our favourite member tools

-Local search feature – Find grannies looking to date within 5 – 150 miles from you
-1000s of profile photos and videos – Look through hours of mature content
-Sending gifts and winks – Show members you are interested by sending them something
-Member diaries and stories – Read the latest posts from our horny dirty older women
-Send & Receive unlimited messages – Contact whoever you want, as much as you want.
-Meet up and have sex with singles, couples and groups for a swinging good time.

We also offer a great deal more features and tools, ranging from photo games to get your profile noticed, right up to watching granny slags on webcam. To try these features out makes sure you sign up for a free account now.

Safety & Security

The other important area we focus a lot of time and efforts in developing and improving is the safety and security of our site. So if you want to meet a grannie for a date, you want to know that your data and privacy is protected and not shared. We make sure we do this by doing the following:

-Secure security certificate – or SSL as its known, will encrypt your personal and private data from anyone who tries to find it.
-Online Dating Protector – The latest in online dating protection will keep your profile undetectable to any hackers, scammers and offers you 24/7 Moderation.
-Human Profile Authentication Team – Our team works around the clock to flag any suspicious new profiles. We only let people on this site who have genuine intentions of meeting.
-Email Protection - You won’t receive any spam from us or any other member. Ever.
-Profile Editing – It’s up to you how much information you write in your profile. You can remain as anonymous as you like.

We now boast a huge database of older members who live all over Australia. Even better to hear is that they are regularly meeting up for granny rooting in their local areas. Because we have such a huge influx of  members join our site, we have had to constantly rethink and evolve our mature dating platform to fit in line with the interests and sexual desires of our horny members. This is why sites like anal loving grannies have come about, to offer a more specific grannie interest for those seeking it. Our granny anal site is simple in what it offers, anal sex with red hot mature women all over AU. This dating site still offers all the thrills and tools of our other istes, but is uniquely tailored to helping men and older women meet each other for anal fun. The allure of an older woman cannot be disimissed, they are as sexy in experince as they are looks.

The final important note to mention is that we have always implemented a free trial membership to any of our adult sites that are part of our adult network in Australia. We feel very strongly about this, and believe everyone should have the chance to try and an online mature sex dating site before really getting stuck in. Why is that? Well simply put you wouldn’t just buy a car without test driving it would you? And you’re most likely going to be using our dating service as much as you are in the car. This is exactly why we offer a try before you buy trial for granny dating and any of the other senior dating sites in its network. 

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